Friday, April 3, 2009

Dachshunds and Their Humans in the News

Thank Dog It's Friday! Here's a little roundup of humans and their best friends recently in the news. Above, Maryville College students Mary Brafford, left, and Amber Gray spend some time with smooth chocolate piebald 'Rufus,' one of the few pets living on the Tennessee campus. As a fundraiser for the Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation, Gray and Brafford are organizing a “Pup-a-palooza” pet fair at Maryville tomorrow, April 4th. Source.

While modeling diapers isn't nearly as glamorous as modeling a $350,000 dog collar, it must be done. Above, 'Ginger' models a dog diaper made by her human, Lisa Hunziker of Bluffton, South Carolina. Through her website,, she sells doggie diapers around the world. Lisa, who has two dachshunds named 'Oscar' and 'Ginger,' discusses the business of selling and making diapers at The Island Packet.

Trish Russel and Tami Nagato, both 46, checked out the Fuzzy Nation/Fuzzy Couture dachshund handbag, which is no longer made and is a collector’s piece valued at $200 at a benefit auction for Greenwich Village School in New York, New York. Source.

The descendants of George Miyagawa have kept George's Appliance operating 69 years after the Kalamazoo, Michigan store first opened in 1940. At right is George Miyagawa's son, Jim Miyagawa (holding 'Onyx,' a dachshund), his wife, Betty, and their sons, from left, David, Jim Jr. and Tom. We'd shop there just to see Onyx. Source.

And finally, meet 'Cher,' the top Long Haired Dachshund in the UK and her human Gerry McFaul. Gerry's love of dogs goes back some 25 years when a client gave him a dachshund to look after. Since then he has shown some of the world's top dachshunds. Read all about him and some of his champions at the Coleraine Times.

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