Monday, April 13, 2009

Dachshund News Roundup!

Proving once again that you can never spend too much money on your dachshund, here's a dachshund news roundup on a seasonably cool Monday, April 13th, 2009. Can we get a woof?! Above, we may be in a recession, but for some animal lovers - nothing is good enough for the pampered pet. That includes a multi-million dollar diamond necklace. This smooth chocolate hottie is wearing a necklace that is worth $3.2 million. Source. Thanks to our pals Bogie and Monty for the link!

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In show dog news, Paige Hartman, 4, of Strasburg, Pennsylvania, helps her mother, Tara Hartman, prepare 'William,' a black and tan long-hair owned by Linda Beamer of Hanover, for the Harrisburg Kennel Club Dog Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday. Read all about the event at

Kisses! In rescue news, meet red longhair 'Sophie,' and her human Lynne Van Luven, who hail from Birch Bay, Washington. Sophie is one of 150 dogs rescued from a Gold Bar, Washington puppy mill in January. Sophie was in poor medical condition after her rescue, but with lots of love and medical care, she's doing great. Read her story at The Bellingham Herald.

And finally....SAY CHEESE (our favorite)! Camera operator Julian Gibbs of Bedord, Canada, photographs a pair of dachshunds for our friends Who's Your Dachshund? last week in DeWolfe Park in Bedford. Read about Mr. Gibbs' company, Firefly Digital Media Inc. at The Chronicle Herald.

Please make sure to stop and visit Who's Your Dachshund, they have put together a great on-line fundraiser for dachshunds and companion animals all over the world called Donate 4 Dachshunds, and need your support if you haven't done so already!

Have a great Monday!


Ben said...

Thanks for the support gang! We're doing well at over $1200 but we have a way to go yet!

Julian is actually producing a short video clip to promote the fundraiser. We can't wait to see it and will be sure to send it your way when it's ready :)

Joey and Maggie said...

Can't wait to see it Ben! We'll be sure and post it if it's embeddable.

Ben said...

The video's up here with an embed code available. Thanks guys!

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