Thursday, April 2, 2009

Diamonds Are A Dachshund's Best Friend

We're quite sure that our dachshund friends over at Born To Track News and Views are rolling their eyes at this story, but truth be told, we love diamonds. We love to be pampered, and would be more than happy to sit on a big furry bed in the sun all day, wearing diamonds and pearls, being cooed at, and being fed bon bons by our humans. Heaven knows we're worth it.
Above, handsome 'Ricky,' who hails from Rolling Hills Estates, California, knows this; he's sporting a diamond necklace from Neiman Marcus valued at up to $350,000. Finally a collar worthy for us to wear, it features 92 diamonds totaling 8.22 karats. Read all about it in a fun story at The Daily Breeze.

Stimulate the economy: shop for your dachshund.


Ben said...

I'm pretty sure that Theo would eat a diamond collar just as fast as a regular, $5 collar...

Jen said...

This collar is very fitting for my Gracie! Sometimes I wonder if Tommy has gender he may like it as well :) Love your site!

your friends,
Jen, Tommy, and Gracie

Matt said...

Ben, that's exactly what I thought! I was coming to comment that Kody would just eat it and you beat me to it. I think a lot of dachshunds would.


SassySashadoxie said...

Of course, us dachshunds love diamonds. They are sparkly like little pretty kibbles. Sincerely, Sasha the dachshund.

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