Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brooke Astor's Beloved Dachshunds Lap Up Luxury at Iris Love's

The late Brooke Astor's Dachshunds, 'Girlsie' (left) and 'Boysie,' eat a gourmet meal at the Iris Love residence in Lincoln, Vermont.

So how are our famous furry friends Girlsie and Boysie? The New York Daily News has an update!:

As Brooke Astor's son stands trial in a drab Manhattan courtroom on charges he looted the famed philanthropist's $200 million fortune, her beloved dachshunds, Boysie and Girlsie, are living it up in Vermont.
"They're safe, they're happy, but they miss Mrs. Astor," said Molly Flint, kennel manager for Astor confidant and Guggenheim heiress Iris Love.

Read lots more at The New York Daily News!

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