Thursday, August 9, 2012

City Dachshund

This video by youtuber iamgobbo highlights handsome black and tan smooth 'Oscar' and his new 'Mr. Bill' toy, but what we're really fascinated with, outside of the fact that Oscar's City Dad needs to clean his apartment, is the sheer amount of time it takes to get from Point A to Point B.  It's a solid 2.5 minutes to go from the lobby to the apartment. 
And spending 2.5 minutes to get back to your home is one thing, it's the other way around that really makes us wonder because when you've got to go potty really bad, that 2.5 minutes must seem like 2.5 hours.  And lord only knows how far away you have to go once you're outside of the building to find a patch of grass.  It's no wonder lots of Dachshunds who live in high rises use pee pads. 
Cute vid though.


Anonymous said...

Please … can you imagine how much more disgusting this apartment would be if he knew pee pads? No. Just … no.

Geneva's mom said...

what anonymous said...x2

BTW impossible to make out the characters for verification. Tedious.

Anonymous said...

well Oscar is adorable with his "Mr. Bill" toy...that IS a long trip to the bathroom, just hope the apartment is safe for Oscar!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I read first thinking it can't be that bad, but it's bad! But, Oscar is adorable!!

amyinbc said...

My handsome black and tan Finnegan would have had Mr Bill mutilated and gutted in the 2.5 min it took to get home :) Seriously.

(I get his stuffies at the thrift store for just that reason.)

Cute video!

Unknown said...

They need a maid. Oscar is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oscar is ADORABLE!!! And I love how he does little circles in front of the apartment door. And how he finds just the right door. Okay...the apartment is a mess. I agree with the others, a maid is needed here. Surely SocialLiving has a maid special in that city??

Hugs from Melinda in McLean

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the messy home, it seems to be a happy home for Oscar. He looks to be a well cared for and loved little dog. He looks like a happy dog. Me thinks thats what counts.

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