Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Adoption Spotlight: Meet Taylor!

Well Howdy!

There are so many wonderful Dachshunds in shelters and local rescue organizations just waiting and waiting and waiting for their forever home.  Beautiful red smooth 'Taylor' is one of those beauties who wants to be your best friend.  But she's had no luck at all finding that special family.  See, she's been in foster with MidWest Dachshund Rescue now since June of 2011 - for over a year - and there hasn't been a SINGLE application to adopt her!  Nothing.  NADA.  Can you believe it?  Look how cute she is!  If you live in the MidWest and are looking to add to your pack, would you consider this sweet girl?  Here's more info about her:

Taylor is a sweet 7 year old. She is skittish but once she settles in she loves to snuggle up right next to you. She would be a perfect companion for a quiet family.
She has shown some aggression when cornered and scared, so homes with full time small children are not a good choice for her. Taylor is fine with all adults, other dogs, and her demeanor suggests cats would probably be ok too.
She is good on a leash, likes going for walks and likes running at the dog park. Taylor has excellent recall, she will come back when you call her. (amazing for a doxie).
She`s a sweet funny little girl, who doesn`t mind wearing sweaters or shirts (seems to actually enjoy them) and only wants someone to love her.
She seldom barks, even when her foster brothers are barking incessantly. She is fine sleeping at night in her ex pen, is very quiet.
She plays with the other dogs occasionally, but her favorite indoor pastime is chewing on rawhides. I think Taylor would like a doggie companion for when your gone, but otherwise she is content to sleep on your lap.
She is typical of doxies and potty training, and as long as you are diligent with taking her out she will go outside. She sleeps while her foster parents are away in the ex pen with a potty pad, and will go on the potty pad if we don't come home soon enough.
Taylor was a breeder surrender, and she currently has kidney stones, which requires a daily medication and special prescription food. She was just in for a checkup on 04/10/12 and the stones have dissolved quite a bit, just a bit more until she is totally clear, so it is possible that she may not need the meds and special food forever.

If you think you have a place in your heart for Sweet Taylor, please head on over to MidWest Dachshund Rescue. 


Anne said...

Gosh Taylor you ARE cute!!! I am sending all the love in the world that after being on the Long and Short of It you find your forever home you really deserve!!! and you DO! I would if I could but have a full house... XOXOXO sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

Good luck sweet Taylor. We are confident u will find a good home soon. We agree being on the L&S of it all your bio will be pasted on to many. Crossing our paws!!!!
4 rescued dachies from Quebec, Canada
PS Would love to hear about your new fur-ever home.

Alison said...

Taylor you are famous now! That cute mug of yours could be on a bag of Dog Chow. Fingers crossed that very lucky family comes along soon!

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine why no one wants to adopt her. If I didn't have 4 already I would place my application. Love to you Taylor. MWDR is such a magnificent organization that I know you are in good hands until you find your furever home. God Bless You!

Tootsie said...

J-Man and Rowdy:

You are the best hosts ever. You do such all-around fantastic work at your blog. Thank you for posting about sweet Taylor. I am positive through you she will find her forever home. What a doll.


Christa taking dictation from Bruno said...

Wow, Taylor, you're cute. Bruno would hump you on sight... :-) Good luck to your excellent friends at MWDR placing you, and thanks Joey and Rowdy for looking out for the doxies in need.

Sandy said...

Anyone involved with a rescue will be nodding their head in agreement. There is always the overlooked one. Our local rescue has a couple in perfect health, still fairly young and potty trained who wait patiently for their forever home.All the luck in the world to Taylor!

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much Joey and Rowdy for posting about Taylor. My girlfriend and I are going to meet her this weekend and hopefully soon she will be in her forever home with us!!!! Love Sunny, Jamie and Brandy!

Rowdy and Bette said...

That's the best news ever! Hoping everything works out.

Anne said...

I have been checking back every few days or so to see if Taylor found her new home.....praying all works out this weekend with the 'meet & greet'!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey and Rowdy,
Just wanted to update you on Taylor. My girlfriend and I are adopting her! We are picking her up in Kenosha, Wi on Saturday! Thank you so much for introducing us to her via the blog! You guys are awesome.
Jamie, Brandy, Sunny the doxie and Taylor

Rowdy and Bette said...

Congratulations you guys. That is such fantastic news. She is going to have the best home ever - bless you for finding a place for her in your home and heart.

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