Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beloved Maggie - December 23, 2000 - September 13, 2011

Dad's Little Girl Goddess

Our hearts are overflowing with unbearable pain and sadness as we relay the passing of our sweet baby Maggie, your Long and Short of it All hostess.  We're hoping to be able to write something to honor our beautiful girl in the next few days, but for now...we just can't, and nothing would ever be good enough, so how do we even proceed?   Suffice to say that you may not hear from us for some time.  Maggie's ultrasound today showed that she had liver cancer - unrelated to the Cushing's disease, and not treatable.   The tumors were "too numerous to count" and did not exist just 4 short months ago when she had her last ultrasound.  She was put to rest just a few hours after the ultrasound results with friends and her Dad at her side on the floor with her, as she lay comfortably and content on a warm blanket.  We were hoping to have Joey by her side as well, but sometimes things just don't go as you would like them to.  We've got a good feeling that "Joey knows."   We spent a lot of time reminiscing with her, loving her, stroking her, hugging her, kissing her, caressing her, and telling her of how special and beautiful she was and how all her friends - both near and far, loved her very much.  She passed quietly in our arms.

Now if only the pain would pass - oh God, the pain.  Our home is empty and cold.  Please hug your little ones tight.

I wandered today to the hill, Maggie
To watch the scene below
The creek and the old rusty mill, Maggie
Where we sat in the long, long ago.
The green grove is gone from the hill, Maggie
Where first the daisies had sprung
The old rusty mill is now still, Maggie
Since you and I were young.

And now we are aged and grey, Maggie
The trials of life nearly done
Let us sing of the days that are gone, Maggie
When you and I were young.

A city so silent and lone, Maggie
Where the young and the gay and the best
In polished white mansions of stone, Maggie
Have each found a place of rest
Is built where the birds used to play, Maggie
And join in the songs that were sung
For we sang just as gay as did they, Maggie
When you and I were young.

They say I am feeble with age, Maggie
My steps are less sprightly than then
My face is a well written page, Maggie
And time, time alone was the pen.

They say we are aged and grey, Maggie
As spray by the white breakers flung
But to me you're as fair as you were, Maggie
When you and I were young.

When You and I Were Young, Maggie; words by George Washington Johnson, 1864.

It's unfortunate that the original video we posted here, a beautiful acapella version of When You and I Were Young, Maggie, was removed from youtube, but this version by Donna Stewart and Ron Andrico is also quite beautiful.


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Meg said...

I am so very, very, very sorry for your loss. Your love was obvious.

Tammy said...

Maggie is in doggie heaven now but she will remain in our hearts for as long as we live. I hope you find the strength to overcome this very difficult time. You have been incredible parents and reading about your love for your dogs have been inspirational. much love!!

Lilli said...

We are so so sorry, there are not words. We are crying for the loss of Maggie and crying for you, knowing how hard it is.

You are in our thoughts.

RIP Maggie <3

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss

She was special.

J, New York

elissahilary said...

I am very sorry for your lost of your precious Maggie. I too lost my BT-mix Maggie in January of this year from 3 cancers. Her little pug-brother Joey was devastated. But time is one's best friend. You gave your Maggie great love for the time you were given and so lucky you both were.
Our hearts go ut to you,
elissa and furkids Joey, Oscar and Sissygirl

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, I am so sad to hear of Maggie's passing. It has been some time since I've visited your blog and was quite shocked to read of her passing. I wish you comfort at this very sad time. Rest in peace Maggie. You have been a wonderful little dog and touched more lives than you know.

Ashleigh said...

So so sorry for you all! How unexpected! God bless you!

Nickel and Ruby said...

I am in tears...so sad for your loss. Have been preoccupied with my three puppy mill rescue pups i have adopted finally after a year of a court case, so I hadnt looked at your site for a while. Sympathies for your loss; can just imagine how sad you are.

Kaumaha au nou & aloha menemene,

Sheree, Nickel, Ruby, Pretzel, Cadbury and Godive

Taffy and Angel Twix said...

Carson, I am so sorry to know that Maggie has passed. I have not been blogging much at all for several months because it was too hard with everything Twix was going through. I wasn't aware of this until you left a comment on Twix's blog. I completely understand the pain and emptyness you are experiencing. I know Maggie and Twix are running and playing together at this moment. Those two girls had quite a few simalarities so I'm sure they will be best of friends at the bridge. I understand your feelings about whether or not to continue the blog as I am not sure if I will let Taffy take over Twix's blog. I am happy to see some new posts ;o)
Sending lots of love your way,
Teresa and Taffy

dkvision said...

Oh dear. I feel for you and your unimaginable loss. I have 6 doxies and dread the day I may have to live without any one of them. Especially my Simon who looks very much like your goddess. Best wishes.

Lovable Lily said...

Rest now and sleep well with the Angels Maggie...


Anonymous said...

Maggie & Joey, and Carson, Rowdy & Bette,

Wow, Maggie, we just discovered today that we had never left a note on the beautiful tribute your Dad Carson wrote to you, and for you, after your passing on September 13, 2011.

As you know, Maggie girl, Cinnamon had not been diagnosed with cancer yet, and as we said in a tribute to Cinnie which your Dad posted here in September 2012, we found TLASOIA as we tried to deal with the pain of losing our little girl on June 4, 2012. And we found your site, and the profoundly beautiful words your Dad Carson wrote for all the world to see.

Well, the love you & your Dad share is amazing, girl, and then as you know you had the very difficult task of having to comfort and protect your brother Joey on February 7, 2013, when he arrived at the Bridge, even while you continued to guide & support Dad Carson from above.

Whew. Still hard even as we approach 5 years since you had to leave for the Bridge, Miss Maggie.

Bless beloved guardian angels Maggie and Joey, Dad Carson, and precious Rowdy and Bette, today and all the days to come.

Peace & Love from Cinnamon's Humans, and
the PA Piebalds Maggie, Melly and Maxie

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