Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Dachshund Goods From Naked Decor

If you've got some extra cash and need to start looking at sprucing up your home for the holidays - they will be here sooner than you think - you may want to head over to Naked Decor and check out the new Dachshund goods. 
On the top of the couch we spy the colorful new Dachshund Silhouette Pillow, which is a whopping 19"L, 10"T, 3"D.  Reminiscent of Waldi, the First Olympic Mascot, this new version will brighten up your home, and won't cost as much at $45.
Next - add some humor to your couch with the Little Dachshund Balloon Pillow.  Measuring in at 18' x 18", the print is both sides as shown.  We're guessing that means you gotta purchase two @ 49.95 each for the full effect.

And finally - retro lovers like us can't resist the fun new Dachshund USA Wall Clock.  13" wide by 8" tall, this acrylic beauty could be the conversation piece in any room in your home.

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