Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thank You

Living the High Life with a Good Looking Man About Town

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, emails, photos, cards and remembrances in the loss of our beloved Maggie, your Long and Short of it All hostess.  Each was read, appreciated, and loved.  Such kind words mean more than you could know.  It's been two weeks now since we lost her, the house is incredibly lonely, but each day gets better, at least that is what they say.  And it does...somewhat. 
Maggie had such an extraordinary presence - when she walked into a room, heads would turn - and it was no different than the large yet calming presence she had in her own home.  So it's a bit empty, and you think that you keep seeing her here and there (and everywhere!).
Having Joey, Maggie's littermate brother, around has provided great comfort.  He's doing OK.  He seems to sniff around for Maggie sometimes, but he's mostly adjusted.   For several days after Maggie was gone, Joey would come to the head of the big bed (which he hates, he'd rather be at the foot or in the center), and would just stand there while staring at the wall while dad would pet and talk to him.  He seemed to want and need the consolation, standing there still in silence for a good ten minutes or so each night for several nights.
Joey did get to go out for lunch with friends at a local restaurant a few days after Maggie's passing (see photo above) and provided great comic relief with his sly smile and clever ways.  He was such a good boy sitting in his own chair and waiting patiently for little bites of BBQ and sweet potato fries.   He also got to have a playdate with 8 of his Dachshund friends which he greatly enjoyed. 
There's a message on the answering machine we haven't checked yet, but coming from the vet's office, it most likely means that Maggie's ashes are back.  We still have to order her permanent urn, which will come from and will be similar to Louie's, which we got there some 11 years ago.  They provided the urn, and the beautiful white Dachshund statue came from a little antique shop in Amsterdam.  We were happy to find that the website was still in business after all these years.  A fine vintage bronze longhair Dachshund will sit proudly atop Maggie's urn. 
There are rumors that another Dachshund may soon come into our lives.  We weren't searching for another, but there he was, we fell in love with his eyes, he can help fill this hole in our heart, and we can give him a great home.  It seems incredibly soon after Maggie's passing, which we are really struggling with.  When is too soon?  Days, weeks, months, years?  How soon is now?  We've learned after Louie's passing that it can take many years to fully come to terms with the passing of a beloved furry friend.  But that furry friend will never leave your heart, and would never want you to be sad, crying, and moping around the house.  Dogs live in the present as they say, and they want you to as well.  So, as you never know what life is going to send your way, there may be a new Dachshund in our lives in the next few weeks.  Joey needs another buddy.  So does Dad.
As far as the "state of the blog," Dad has always said that if anything ever happened to Joey or Maggie, that the blog would cease to exist - it's their blog after all.  We're not so sure of that at the moment, maybe we'll be back soon - there have been some great Dachshund stories recently that we felt an urgent need to post.  Whatever would we do without this site and our wonderful friends here?

Thanks so much again.

Yours in Dachshund Love,
Joey and his Dad......


Lexi said...

I hope that the blog does not "cease to exist", as I was shown this blog about 2 months after my beloved Bismarch came into my life, and never having a small dog, I have learned so much, and Bismarch and I both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what we have learned from all three of you.

Lex and Bis

docsdox said...

Well-spoken. We think that for you to continue the blog would be an honor to Maggie's memory. We'll be waiting anxiously for your return - maybe with news of a new co-host(ess)! take care!


Jablana said...
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Jablana said...

elooooo!:) nice to hear from you guys again and good to hear that the sadness is slowly passing by...
but we hope the blog will still exist, it became a daily routine for Lea and I would miss it terribly, so please don't shut it down, we really want to hear about the new arrival..
take care till then!

Princess Lea

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you writing again Carson. I do hope the blog continues since it is so wonderful & we watch for it everyday.

Great to see you healing. Maggie would want it that way.

firstyouleap said...

Oh Carson, I was so very excited to see this post! You sound good, god knows Joey looks great! As he stands on your pillow, yes, he probably needs some love and attention. But maybe he knows that you do to. Bedtime is a special time.
I'm also very excited to hear that the process for the new arrival may be moving forward. As I've said to you before, Teagan only added Joy and Laughter, he didn't take away from honoring Jeeves memory. Actually my main concern was what others would think and that is never a good reason for a decision!

I'm also glad that you are reconsidering the blog. We all love you no matter what you do but you are right--lotsa dachies stories out there and, frankly, I can't find any dog blog no matter the breed, that shares news in such a thoughtful and caring way. We wouldn't expect daily posts, could do it weekly (or twice a week, remember wireless wednesdays heehee)

And while 9 pups would be fine, I can't wait to see if another gathering this fall would include 10 pups;-)

Lots of love love love,
Melinda, Teagan and, in from on high next to Maggie , Romeo and Louie, Jeeves.

Jayne D. and AnnieBelle said...

Carson, I am so happy to see your blog this morning, and relieved to read that the healing process is underway for you and Joey. I love his picture - he looks so handsome and content. I don't think it is ever too soon to bring another doxie into your home and heart. Maggie would want it, and would want you to "carry on," forever keeping her in your heart, and helping to fill that awful hole that is there. Please continue to heal, and let us know, if you will, about the welcome news of another much-loved doxie to come into your and (Joey's) life. Extra kisses for the little man. Love, Jayne and Annie

jnorton80 said...

I think its obvious that Maggie is pushing this new dog into your path from heaven. Maggie knows what a wonderful owner she had and she spotted a dog in need. She knows how empty your heart is since she left but she wants you to share some of the love going to waste with a dog who needs it. Maggie like all Dachshunds was special and special dogs never ever die they are always right there sitting in your heart and mind when you need them. God Bless and good luck with whatever you decide. This blog and these recent posts have helped us all when we need to escape from the everyday world and its important that Maggie's legacy lives on in some form.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you posted again. What a great photo! I wanted to share that we lost our beloved 2 dogs 2 months apart. They were both older and had been with us for all of our married lives. I was in such pain and I kept wandering to the Dachshund Rescue site. Through tears, I filled out an application and we got our 1st rescue, Leo - 10 days later. Was it too soon? Maybe. But Leo has turned out to be a light in our lives ... a wonderful sweet and loving dog. And we rescued another just 2 months later. Hogan. It's been 4 years now (wow - time flies) and I am so glad that both these pups found us. We ordered a custom double beautifully engraved urn for our Coty and Nathan and it sits on our mantle along with a stack of photos from over the years. Many visitors still pick up the photos and go through them, remembering them and what a great life they had.
Welcome back!!!! I love this blog and hope you stay with it!!! Anyone who has ever opened their heart to love a pet knows the sorrow of losing them. Maggie will always be a part of you.
Hogan and Leo's mom from Va Bch!!

Jerry S. said...

Each day with Maggie was a gift to you. Each blog post is a gift to your readers. If you continue posting, you will be doing your small part to make the world a better place.

Oscar and Hans said...

So glad to see you guys back at it! We really hope you don't give up the blog - After all of the work that Maggie put into it I can't imagine she would want it to end. You have brought so much joy into so many Doxie loves' lives with your stories, pictures, and updates - and we really hope Joey sees continuing it as a way to preserve his sister's legacy.

The answer to "how soon is too soon?" is totally up to you. We tend to agree with the other poster who said that Maggie brought this new Doxie into your lives...things work in mysterious ways. :)

Anonymous said...

Carson and Joey.... You can't imagine the joy I had seeing that you posted to the Blog. I never realized how much I depended on my laugh for the day or bit of information. My girls are the best thing that ever happened to me after my daughter left home to be married. I know your loss, we all do, we all know your pain and pray that each day is better. I hope you keep going with the blog. Joey and Maggie are legends with us. We hope to see many more years of blogging from you and your loves. DoxieMom and her girls

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see your post today! I have been checking daily to see if you guys are back - I know it is so hard and you miss your little Miss Maggie. Don't let Joey poor his sorrows into a bottle! :) jk...that's a fab picture. Just know that her little "heart beat at your feet" is never far away in spirit. Only you can determine when its time for another family member...but I liked what you said about dogs living in the moment, and your little fur baby would want you to do that, and if there is a new lovey to welcome to your home...than definitely do it! Love to you and Joey, and I do hope you continue your wonderful blog...I really is one of the high points of my day each day. Hugs from Texas, Melanie and my old bitty doxies Phoebe and Sally.

Amy said...

What a great picture of sweet Joey. You all are still in our thoughts and prayers. :)

Turbo and Lily's mom said...

To Everything (Turn, Turn, Turn)
There is a season (Turn, Turn, Turn)
And a time to every purpose, under Heaven.....

All living, breathing things are irreplacable. But we wake up, to another day, and we go on. Joey and Maggie's blog is over, but Joey and Carson (and baby makes 3???) are destined to continue. And in whatever form, we hope you will share it with us. You make our days brighter. Carson, you create celebri-dogs! But for gosh sakes, next time toast to the future with something better than Miller High Life, eh guys?

Anonymous said...

A delighted WOOF from the north of Germany! THANK YOU so much for posting again, we were so worried! You cannot imagine how much joy, fun, information and good, tail-wagging vibrations your blog means to dachhundists all over the world. Please, don't stop!
Is "soon" too soon? Well, Maggie had one of the very best lifes a dachshund can have with all the love and affection a dachshund should get. Any dachshund should get. Any soul should get. And I'd assume, somewhere out there is a little dachshund soul for whom "soon" cannot be soon enough... but you & Joey will know best when "soon" is NOW!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you back. I checked the blog every now and again, in the hopes of some good news.

Sadly, my own dachshund, sweet little Molly, passed away suddenly last week. She had IMHA, and it took her within 72 hours. So, I guess, I know a bit of what you're going through.

These little dogs are heartbeats at our feet, and make the world a better place.

Molly in McLean (I'll have to change the name, too)

Anonymous said...

I love the is the first thing I check every morning...with the exception of last couple of weeks. Never too soon...Maggie's pawprints on this? I think so. My sister got my Ozzie for me just a few weeks after losing my precious C.J. And it was the best gift ever. I had that little body to hold and to comfort me in those lonely days and nights. But I still miss my C.J. Ozzie wasn't a replacement, just another love.
Teri and Ozzie

Alicia said...

That Joey is such a hottie!

Carson, everyone supports you and the blog, so your decision will be respected. But I must say that Maggie would not want you to close your (and Joey's) hearts to a Dachshund in need of a great home. Not to mention Maggie's mad shopping skills, that so many of her fans looked forward to investigating!

Follow your heart...the answer is there.

kalyxcorn said...

I still feel confoundingly mad and sad and guilty and glad and practically every other emotion u can think of when I think about the boys' passing and the time thereafter when I wondered if we should bring another pup into our home. The things I thought I knew for certain before the boys' death weren't so certain anymore.

So here we are four years later, in love with a little four legged boy who lives his life one happy day at a time, spreading sunshine and joy by merely being himself as best he knows how. Proving, I suppose, that no matter what time of the eternal day it is, there is room for another in the house where love lives. There always will be room.


Rick said...

Three years ago I lost my best friend Austin a B&T longhair dachshund. It was one of the hardest things I have ever went through. I also struggled with how soon I should bring in another dog into my life, and if by doing that would I somehow tarnish the memory of my little buddy. I ended up lasting only three weeks. Bringing in a new dachshund was the best thing I could do. It was not a mistake. There are many little weiner dogs out there that need a safe and loving home. There is no better way to honor your sweet Maggie then by making sure another little dog is loved and provided for. Don't forget she will be waiting for you up above.

Jasper + Amy said...

I agree w/ everything that Baxter's mom said above:)

Jasper is my first doxie of my own, but not the first doxie (or dog) in my family. When I was 15 my brother & I lost our mom to cancer & then our childhood dog, Duchess, 4 months later. In alot of respects losing Duchess made losing our mom even harder, it was the end of childhood. Losing a beloved 4 legged member of the family is like no other lose.

I was glad to see the post today & I too hope you will keep the blog going, Maggie helped start a great place where doxie & dog lovers around the globe can visit everyday & feel like a part of one big happy family.

Still thinking of Maggie & Joey & their dad everyday & sending you our prayers. Excited there might be a new addition soon.

Amy & Jasper

Anonymous said...

When we lost our beloved Dachshund we thought that was it... Three months passed and another Dachshund entered our life. This addition helped with our healing our beloved Sabrina would be happy we adopted and provide the same love we provided her during her 14 year journey.

We love your site and hope you continue sharing!

Dachshund Charlie aka Chuck from Albany, NY

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see your post today and to know that the two of you are doing better. I've been checking every day. I found your blog about 1-1/2 years ago around the time I lost my beloved doxie of 17-1/2 years. It was so hard, and I couldn't talk about him for a few weeks without crying. I was thankful, though, to have adopted a rescue a few years before so my other remaining doxie wasn't so lonely after he passed away.

Finding your blog was a bright spot during those first weeks, and I've enjoyed visiting every day since. You also enlightened me to new rescue sites and stories I wouldn't have otherwise heard of. You are a wonderful loving dad, and any doxie would be lucky to get the two of you.

Your friends in central Arkansas!

Jessica said...

Oh how my heart breaks for you and Joey. I loved and lost my sweet Haley unexpectedly last January and I miss her every single day.

My other dachshund, Bella missed her too. It was heart wrenching to watch her walk around with Haley's collar in her mouth, searching for Haley.

I wanted to tell you, though, that there is no such thing as 'too soon.' Lots of doxies need homes and a friend for Joey is important. Three weeks after Haley passed away, Sophie came into our lives. It felt so soon and our grief was so heavy, but watching Bella play with Sophie the way she used to play only with Haley solidified our decision to adopt Soph. It is truly one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made.

I wish I could reach out and hug you, I know the grief you feel.

Anne said...

soooooooooo glad to see your post today!!!! like your other fans, I too, have grown to read this blog EVERY DAY. I still checked after Maggie's passing, because i wanted to make sure you and Joey were doing - okay. thank you for taking time to share with us.

The right doxie will come your way and you will KNOW when it's right to add to your family.

plllleeeeeaaassse keep the blog up - for all doxie lovers – in honor of maggie. she would want to spread her love to all 4 and 2 legged friends.

lots of love and tail wags,
Roxie Lou, Coco Beane and Auntie Annie Em

Anonymous said...

So VERY happy to see your post today! You put into words the emotional rollercoaster so many of us who have opened our hearts and homes to dachshunds and have had to ultimately deal with heartbreak and the emptiness when we lose one. When is too soon? That is something only you and Joey will know. It was a couple years for me and completely unplanned. A co-worker said one day: "Hey Liz, do you want a dachshund? I know of one that needs a home" Boom. That's all it took. After I lost Hoagie, I never thought I'd be able to let another doxie into my world. Wrong wrong wrong! My life is so much better for having realized that! We're SO excited about a new member of your family!

Liz and Mina (the mini-dox ruler of the neighborhood).

Cynthia (Geneva's mom) said...

I was very relieved to see your new post today. It seems Joey is recovering, as you are - one day at a if we ever really recover from these losses.

As a fellow blogger, I can understand your ambivalence about staying with the blog, but I will be delighted if you do. Like so many others, I look forward to checking in every day.

As for getting another Dachsie, do whatever feels right for you. Another loving little presence in your home can only make your and Joey's days a bit brighter.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see the post! I just wanted to reiterate what so many have said... I'm happy to hear things are getting better and I hope you keep writing! But at the end of the day you have to do what's right for you. (But I hope what right for you is continuing the blog:)!)

Shar said...

OK, I am hoping that these are the last tears that I will be shedding for Maggie and that the next time I get misty eyes it will be due to reading about the boy that you may be soon be adopting into your loving home.

As for continuing the blog, as skilled as Joey has gotten over the years, he should be able to easily teach his younger brother how to create and edit posts. Problem solved and the blog lives on......

~with Sawyer, Abby, and Logan

Christa said...

Joey looks awesome. Glad to read your post. Keep it up. Hugs/belly scratches. Christa & co.

Gatinha said...

So good to hear news of you and Joey :) Please don't stop posting, we all need our daily dose of dachshund news :O And we all want to know the new member in the family ;)

Glad to know that you are better, we all will miss Maggie forever, but it does gets better...

Kisses from Portugal

Anonymous said...

I lost my beloved Petie the same week as you lost Maggie. Petie was ten, and the pain is made tolerable by my little Faith and Tigger. You and Joey are in my thoughts and prayers. May brighter days be ahead for us all.

Love and tail wags from South Carolina,
Faith and Tigger and their mom

Anonymous said...

Happy kisses for Joey the handsome gentleman, and many hugs for you Carson. I'm glad to see the post, I've been thinking about you quite a bit. If the time is right for another babe, the time will be right; let fate do what it will. It doesn't mean you hurt or love any less, (un)fortunately both those emotions are bottomless for humans (and doxies!).

Gracie, Piper, and Cyndy

Jonathan said...

So glad to see you back on the air again! Love from your two-footed and four-footed friends in Austin.
Jonathan, Paula, Dex and Red

Meggie said...

Yay! We were so very happy to see your post...we have been thinking of you and Joey a great deal over the past weeks. We have been checking the blog daily and were overjoyed to see the new picture of Joey...he is such a handsome fellow! Don't worry about it being " too soon" to bring another dachshund into your family...the only thing that matters is if you and Joey are ready to open up your hearts to another sweet soul. If y'all ARE ready, go for it! We are excited for your family to grow...please keep us all updated!

Wags and Kisses,
Bess and Millie ( 2 spoiled dachshunds in SC)

Lucia44 said...

Hi Carson and Joey! What great posts from everyone today. I agree with all of them. As you can tell we all want our daily doxie news fix to continue and I know Maggie would be glad for Joey to have a new play pal. I hope you will share a pic of Maggie's urn when you get it. It sounds beautiful. I also feel for the other posters who have recently lost a beloved furry friend.
Jane and Oscar

the "florkens" said...

I've been anxiously checking each day...hoping for this post. It is refreshing to have you back Carson. After losing Sam, this blog was the lifeline that kept me connected to the dachshund world, and the people who truly understood what that little man meant to me.

Without that support, I don't know how I would have made it through those times. Don't worry about how long is appropriate enough. I waited nearly a year before loving a dachshund again, and honestly, each day that passed, the love I had to share was wasted. Cherish each moment. Enjoy each belly laugh and each cuddle session.

And please, keep writing. So many hearts out there need this blog. I did. And I think now, more than ever, you probably do too. :)

Anonymous said...

When a dachshund falls in your lap, take him home! When my beloved 19 year old dachshund/pomeranian mix passed several years ago, I thought I should have a certain amount of time, wait until it was practical to get another dog, and so on. A week later, a friend called and said a friend of a friend had dachshund pups that needed homes. There it was. Follow your heart, get the pup and start a new chapter of the blog. A puppy and an older fella will have LOTS of great stories for you to tell.

Anonymous said...

Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big. - E. Jong

Anonymous said...

Joey & Carson, glad u are back. Joey looks so handsome & we are sure he would love some 4 legged company. Love all the comments up above, how everybody adopted a new friend when a loved one died. They never replace your lost babies but are a tribute to them as dogs have no meanness in them and Maggie we are sure would want a "Pup in Need" to have a wonderful home such as she did. Like so many, my mom too, adopted a pup in need 1 week after our little Happy passed and then another pup in need when LollyPop tragically passed in an accident this past May. There's always room for more love. Go for the little guy who's eyes captured you. And yes, we are sure Maggie had something to do with that. Love from 4 rescued dachies from Quebec Canada. Sass the Bold, Miss Maggie Muffin, Shilo Baby Bean and Miss Skyla Long Legs and our mom Patricia. WE all love your blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I check your blog daily, often with my own little ween sitting on my lap. It truly has made me feel like a part of a community where everyone shares a great love for dachshunds. Maggie was a beautiful girl and I don't think you should give up the blog now that she has gone. The blog is a great way we can keep her memory alive and keep sharing stories about this beloved breed. Besides, wonderful Joey still has many stories to tell and we can all look back on the adventures of Joey and Maggie with great love. I love this blog and community and hope you'll keep going for us! Wishing you great comfort in this time of need.

dachseeuy said...

I so totally agree with the thoughts posted just above mine. Wishing comfort to yourself and Joey. My last beloved dog loss was 24 years ago and I waited 19 years until Ozzie eneterd my life unexpectedly, so I will defer to the wiser counsel of those above me; how I wish I had those years back. Speaking of loss and with respect to your feelings, The loss of the Dachshund Love Blogspot would be a huge loss to the community of dachshund loving souls that it so effectively binds together. Many of of would be lost without it. Even if you feel it would need to ressurect under a different name or format out of respect to Maggie, we truly believe that it needs to ressurect. Your friends.
John & Ozzie

Sue Fell said...

It good to see a new post on your blog, I am pleased that your pain from losing Maggie is healing a little, it takes time. I do hope the blog continues, it's a wonderful place for us Dachshundists to visit and share stories - and we are hoping to hear all about a possible new addition.....

Sue, Pepsi and Max in the UK

Tassie said...

I am so happy to hear that you may have found a new little doxie to fill your house.... Please, please, please do not stop the blog.... It is the first thing I check when I log onto the ocmputer... I would miss you soooo much. Please keep blogging... I need the dachshund news!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay, you posted! I was wondering how you were doing.
I have felt all the exact same things you have in the last few months, it's like you are describing my life.
You ask "How soon is too soon?"
My answer is it's never too soon.
After our doxie passed on someone told me the best medicine is to get another one. At first I thought she was crazy and it would be wrong to get another dog so soon. But the house was too quiet and lonely and we knew we needed to bring another doxie into our home. We ended up rescuing a little 2 year old dachshund and now I'm glad we did. He will NEVER replace our other dog, but he helps fill the void and we have plenty of love to give him. :)

Please keep us updated on your possible new arrival.
I hope you decide to come back and post more doxie stories, I love this blog!

Welkom said...

I'm so sorry to read about the lost of Maggie. I wish you all the best and a big hug for Joey.
R.I.P. Maggie.
Greetings, Karen (The Netherlands)

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