Sunday, October 3, 2010

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Roxie, Security Doxie

Ain't nothin' gonna get past a Dachshund, much less a beautiful gal on the job like red smooth 'Roxie,' "Security Doxie."  Thanks so much to Roxie for writing in!  She writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie!

My mom LOVES your site! She goes to it everyday to see all of the Doxie posts, and, we were all worried about you, Joey, but really glad to hear you are on the mend! a bow-wow to that.

I was lucky to go to work with her recently. Isn't it nice that her work has a "Doggie Day"? Well, this was my turn to get to go with her (yea!). My brother, Coco Beane got to stay at home and snooze. Anyways, she had to do some makeup styling for a video shoot at work so I got to tag along with her. Boy, she kept telling me what a good girl I was being and I was. Between takes, she had to sit in one of the shots so the guys could adjust the lighting, well, before you knew it, I was in her lap and then posing for the camera! She works in the creative department and one of her friends put me in a special ad just for me. I also forgot to tell you, she works for a video security company so I guess you could say that I was Top Security Dog for the day!

Roxie Lou, Coco Beane & Auntie Annie Em (mom)

We can't quit smiling.


Jablana said...

sweeeeeeeeeet! ;D

firstyouleap said...

What a great story, and what a great team of people to put together that ad! Melinda and Jeeves

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! Soon to be seen on facebook profiles everywhere! :)
Roxie is adorable.

Anne said...

Yea to Roxie the Doxie!! That's my old girl (she's 11)!! We had a lot of fun and the guys taking the pix got her to pose looking up. I am super excited she made it onto "the long & short of it"!!!

my sides - my sides!!!

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