Friday, October 8, 2010

Doxie Stamped

Chelsea Flowers from Carrboro, North Carolina writes:

Hi Joey and Maggie.
In September I helped my partner move to Portland, Oregon for school. Unless he is a very good actor, I believe I've inculcated in him my Dachshund Love. One day he began screaming at his computer and after four "What's going on!"'s, he showed me the page he'd found announcing the Wiener Dog Races in Oaks Park. We're not really Octoberfesting people but we had to go, so after a long public transit trip which included missing a bus stop and calling a taxi in the middle of nowhere to get us to the races in time, we finally arrived. As soon as we entered, we paid our entrance fee and got stamped......Doxie stamped.

Hello Chelsea,
Looks like your partner has officially been stamped a Dachshund Lover!  After a bit more training, we're quite sure that he will in no time be a full-fledged Dachshundist.  Keep up the great work.  And thanks for sending in the photo!

1 comment:

Scary Miss Mary said...

I just found my next tattoo! Just like this stamp on my wrist! Mark my words! :oD

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