Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time For a Treat

You know you're having a great day when you come home and find a package on your doorstep.  It gets even better when you open it up and find a super cool Piebald Pale Ale t-shirt from III Dachshunds Beer Company inside!  While we can't decipher who the package was from, we've got a pretty good idea.  Thanks!  Unfortunately Dad didn't have any Piebald Pale Ales stocked in the fridge to go with the t-shirt, but he said the III Dachshunds Root Beer he usually has around was "pretty darned tasty."


Taffy said...

Unexpected packages are always great fun! Tell your dad to get some shirts for both of you and you guys can match next time you go out!
How's Joey doing today?

Debi said...

I've never tasted their beer, but I do like their t-shirts, they are so cute! ^-^

~Debi & Ringo

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