Sunday, September 19, 2010

How do Pirates Communicate with Dachshunds?

Pirate: AARRRrrr!!!!
Dachshund: AAARRRRrrrfff, AAAAARRRRrfffff!!

Ahoy there me scurvy dogs!  It be a holiday fit fer th' seven seas and if ye landlubbers are not  knowin' what we be speakin' of, then ye've not been properly interduced te Talk Like a Pirate Day!  This be th' holiday te be celebrated on th' nineteenth o' September and in honor of such a fine day we bring ye these tokens of our love.  Above, lass 'Honey' will be AAAARRRRrffffin all tide in her swashbuckler outift, an' below she be joined by laddie `Teddy` on th' poop deck!   Aye, much thanks to Doxieone for th' photos!

And if gamin' be yer thing, be sure an' check ou' th' new pirate video game which came out ealier this year: Jolly Rover.
It stars a Dachshund named Gaius James Rover, an "anthropomorphized foppish pup" wi' a taste fer tea. James tookst a wrong tack somewhere in th' ocean o' life an' ended up as an ineffective, overly polite pirate instead o' th' world-renowned circus clown he be destined te be. James’ sweet naïveté isn’t a very good fit fer th' life o' a pirate an' lands th' lad's in a variety o' scrapes throughout th' course o' th' game.



Anonymous said...

Argggh!!!! (Thank you for posting them.)

Ahoy! (have a great day)


Jerry S. said...

Avast, Joey-lad and Maggie-lass. See that your Dad steps lively and gives ye some lime wedges. Dogs ye be, but ye need not be scurvy dogs.

Iron Anne Vane said...

Ahoy me scurvy mates!
This is Dirty Col'n Selby (aka Oskar) and I be ready to slip away from my wench Iron Anne Vane and pillage with my Doxie pirate mateys! Lots of grog and ale before rolling over to sun my belly today. Will you be joinin' me ye swabbies?


kalyxcorn said...

o shiver me timbers, so very nice those there get ups. remind me to pillage some the next time we're at port. arrrrrr....

Anonymous said...

arr ye scallywags joining up wit Long John Silver an Peg Leg ta pillage da rum an have ye a drink at the Ol Port house at de docks??

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