Thursday, September 30, 2010

Frankenmuth Brewery Adds Frankie's Root Bier to Repertoire

A smooth blend of sassafras, vanilla and licorice flavors, with just the right amount of carbonation - just another reason to stop by the Frankenmuth Brewery the next time you're in Michigan.  The new root beer features the brewery's unofficial mascot on the label:  Frankie the Dachshund.  Via mlive:

The design and the story that goes along with it originates with one of the brewery’s earlier owners, John Geyer. As brewery legend would have it, Geyer owned a brood of purebred Dachshunds and used the image of Frankie, his top dog, in ads, signs and packaging for the locally-brewed beer.
“Why not embrace it?” brewmaster Jeff Coon said. “I’ve been coming up here my entire life, and I love the history behind it. We are tying ourselves with the past.”
Frankie has become the unofficial mascot for the brewery, Coon said, showing up on bottles, menus and tables with the words “Dog-gone good craft beer.”

There are a few items with Dachshunds on them available online at the Frankenmuth Brewery.  We love to collect vintage Frankenmuth memorabilia and have featured some of the gems in the archives.  Check 'em out! 


Agnes B. Bullock said...

Mom and Dad took us to Frankenmuth in July_ what a great town. Did not see the brewery, but we were very good in the hotel! Will be going back for the Dachshund races next May

doxie mama said...

Yum! Family style chicken dinner!

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