Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Is Blind

'Dexter,' a 7-year-old Dachshund owned by John and Mindy McFarland of Newtown, Connecticut, was born without eyes due to a genetic disorder — but his sense of smell is keen. Here, Dexter shows great concern for 'Smudge,' the month-old kitten that has come into foster care at the McFarland home, as the kitten receives a bottle of formula.  The McFarland household is full of special needs animals who need lots of love and care.  "Dexter will sit in front of the crate and jump up and down, hoping we will take the kittens out," said Ms McFarland. "He loves to lick them, and has this motherly streak in him," she said.  Read all about this special household and see more photos at The Newtown Bee.


Unknown said...

That is adorable. Wow never knew a dog born without eyes, what a special baby and what special people to take care of the special needs guys.

angie said...

genetic disorder or bad breeding double dapple? blind dogs are just the coolest though. though they bump their noses a lot, nothing can get them down!

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