Friday, November 20, 2009

Obedient Dachshund: George Richards & Hummel at Dachshund Specialty 2009

Thanks so much to our good pals 'Peaches' and 'Piper' for sending in the link to this video which is quickly going viral on vimeo.  The video, by John Richards notes:  Winners of the Utility B class of the Dachshund Speciality at Point of Rocks, Maryland October 24, 2009.
Peaches and Piper also provided a little more background:  The level of competition is "Utility B," which is the most advanced level in obedience trials. While 'Hummel' the Dachshund does well, the remarkable feature is that the handler is 97 years old.

Chew on that for a while.

Congratulations to Mr. Richards and Hummel!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I wish I could get my black & tan Gracie to be that obedient. She would be all over the place in something like that.

Elizabeth said...

This level of training is so impressive. Inspiring.

Bludog said...

Wow, that is awe inspiring, happy and full of hope. I put my DVR on pause and was shocked at the end of the video to realize that I had been watching for 10 minutes!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was awesome.

Bogie and Monty

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