Friday, November 6, 2009

I Have Two Wieners

Thanks so much to singer-songwriter Tommy Oregon for letting us know about this fun song he penned some time ago called I Have Two Wieners.  He notes: 

I wrote this 16 years ago or so for my 2 old mini dachshunds, Henry & Lola.(Lyrics below) I think this was recorded up North in 1996. A canine love song from a slightly different point of view. 'I HAVE TWO WIENERS' 1) I was lonely not too long ago, I would not even go on a date. I sat home stuffing my mouth with food, Had to force myself just to, masticate. My friends said "Tom, you really need to get out, find a hobby, or somebody new". So I trolled around, and soon realized another human, just wouldn't do..... CHORUS- Now I have two wieners. One black one reddish brown. I always play with my two wieners, when no one else is around. One is always sitting up erect, one is always playing dead and laying down. I have two lovely wieners, one black one reddish brown. 2) I thought hard about the dating scene, I wondered If things were still the same. A couple of nights that I painted the town, let this player know he did not, know the game. My friends said "Tom, try a little patience, or you will grow older and blue". So I made the rounds, and thought to myself, why should I love one, when I can love two...... CHORUS 3)...My friends say "Tom, you're really over the edge, you treat them like a king and a queen. Always kissing and pettin' those things" If they had two they wouldn't think It so strange..... CHORUS.  (c)1995 W&M-Tommy O.

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mamamouseiam said...

(giggle) Playfully naughty, and a catchy tune I may be humming the rest of the day! Thanks Tommy Oregon, and Maggie & Joey, too.

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