Friday, October 30, 2009

Sing It: Hallow Wiener Dogs

With just days before the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, it has been reported that two Dachshunds have been roaming the streets protecting New Yorkers from evil spirits and Soho ghouls. A song memorializing our new canine folk heros, Frank & Stein, has been written and recorded by Lovenotes Records artist, songwriter and performer Murray Weinstock with his group, Furry Murray & The Bow Wow Babes.

The song is being featured as a free download on the Dog Tunes website. We envision years of Dachshund events and videos featuring this fun new song from the folks who brought us The Dachs Song. 

Have a listen by clicking here, or head on over to Dog Tunes.  Great stuff! 

Hollow Wiener Dogs by Murray Weinstock

Spoken: It was a full moon night in Sleepy Hollow,
          And the headless horseman was being chased by two Dachshunds, Frank and Stein..


Winds will howl and leaves will fly,
Dragging chains clatter, pained voices cry.
The season's here when witches thrive,
And all things buried come alive!

When the moon is full, see the vampires crawl,
Listen and you'll hear a werewolf call.
A chill comes up and down my spine,
From a face in the clouds comes Frank and Stein!


Hollow Wiener Dogs, guarding us at night,
Hollow Wiener Dogs, showing teeth so bright,
No MONSTER'S safe from the beastly bite
Of Hollow Wiener Dogs till the morning light.


Beasts and bats go into hidin'
When the headless horseman comes a-ridin.'
That hallowed day, so filled with fear,
Is saved when Frank and Stein appear.

 Ghostly bones will weep and whine,
When they see our heros, Frank and Stein.
No evil spirit's safe in the dark,
When Stein and Frank come to bite and bark!


Hollow Wiener Dogs, made of witch's brew,
Chews up monsters and leaves no clue.
No Goblin's safe from the beastly bite
Of Hollow Wiener Dogs till the morning light.

© 2005 Furry Murray Music (ASCAP)

Have a great Friday!

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