Monday, November 5, 2012

Dachshunds Top List Of Naughtiest Dog Breeds

Wait a minute, now wait a minute.  Dachshunds are the naughtiest dog breed on the planet?  No we're not.  We're nothing but adorable little angels sent from heaven to enrich the lives of humans on this earth. 
Well, according to Dogster at least, we're the number one naughty dog.  They say:

Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you don’t wonder whether your pups are plotting their next prank and whether it will embarrass you. If you don't, your dogs probably aren’t “naughty” like mine are, and you’ve probably never had your dog run around your cocktail party with your bra in his mouth. You might ask, “Can a dog even BE naughty?” It does seem like a rather human trait, but the answer is certainly “Yes!” even if it's only how we perceive their less-than-angelic but humorous behavior.
“Naughty” in human terms is really a discreet word for “morally questionable” or, if you want to get academic, “improper” or “indecent.” Dogs aren’t scholarly. They don’t know the difference between an adults-only video store and a kiddie amusement park. So this definition fits dogs only when humans feel prudish and get embarrassed by their dog’s mischievous and “indecent” behavior (such as the improper placement of noses in improper places and even the occasional digestion of, well, poopie.)
For our purposes, we'll define “naughty” as “rascally, impish, playful, humorous and wily.”

And of the Dachshund in particulary, they state:

This long wonder is famous for his indiscretions and love of mischief. Dachshunds love to make you laugh, but they are also resourceful and can accomplish amazing feats such as chewing through refrigerator cables thus flooding the house (personal experience).

Read more about the art of naughtiness and see the other dogs who made the list at Dogster.

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Ben-Zion Freed said...

The Germans called them Professor Dogs,We have had six throughout the years.

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