Monday, October 22, 2012

Dachshunds On Rat Patrol in NYC

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A group of New Yorkers bring their dogs out each Friday night to do weekly battle against the scourge of rats. WNBC's Marc Santia reports. Source.  Thanks so much to our good pal 'Geneva' for writing in:

Dear Joey and Rowdy,

Check out this cool news story about dogs on rat patrol. Wait till you see how many of them are Dachshunds!

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Eliza57 said...

Doin' what comes naturally! Of course, if this was our dear departed Molly - she would have caught them and brought them home! :)
All the best,
Eliza & Gigi

Janey said...

My dogs would LOVE doing that! How fun. Well not so much for the rats I guess ;) My two are seasoned squirrel hunters. Have never caught one but keeps them on their toes!

Kerri said...

We had a rat in the house once (lived in the country and our neighbors had a horsebarn). I fetched our doxie out of my parents' bed one night and sent him hunting through the house. He cornered it under bookcases, Dad shot the rat, it came flopping out and then we were all chasing the doxie through the house to get the dead rat from him. The same doxie caught and killed a rabbit on the run once. I have no doubt that a herd of dachshunds could make quite the group of rat hunters.

Tootsie said...

My mom is curious if these dogs receive the Leptospira vaccine -- since rats carry the virus. I have to receive the vaccine here in Switzerland due to rats along the lakeside. The virus is spread through rat urine. And a doggy could get it from swimming in the lake, too, because of swimming rats.


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