Monday, June 25, 2012

Firefighter With Pet Oxygen Mask Saves Dachshund Puppy

We've mentioned these fantastic pet oxygen masks before on The Long and Short of it All - they are not standard firefighting equipment and are usually donated by caring citizens or organizations to their local fire department.  It may be worth a call to see if your local fire department is equipped with them.  Another Dachshund has been saved with the use of one in Jupiter, Florida, on June 18th.  Excerpt from WPEC:

With fire trucks in front of her house, and firefighters going in and out of her house, Sonia Tomas stood nearby clutching one of her 3 dogs. She says its a blessing all three survived.
Sonia was not home at the time and neither was her nephew when the fire broke out in the kitchen of her home on Oak Terrace. 
One of Thomas' three dogs, a 6 month old dachshund, was found in a bathtub, motionless and not responding.
Luckily firefighters were able revive the dog with a pet oxygen mask. They recently started carrying these on some of their trucks after a Jupiter resident donated them two months ago.
This photo, taken by a firefighter with a cell phone camera, shows the dog being treated at the scene, wearing a doggy oxygen mask. Since getting the masks two months ago, Firefighters say this is one of the first times they've used the specially-designed pet oxygen masks to save a dogs life after being removed from a burning house.

Watch the news video at WPEC.  Photo via Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

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Anonymous said...

How much does one of these cost (for people interested in donating to their local fire companies)?

Podgirl said...

Check out Emma Zen on Facebook

Anonymous said...

this is fantastic...I live in Palm Harbor Florida so am impressed about the Jupiter FL person(s) who donated these life savers! Baron sends a BIG thank you "woof" to the wonderful people who've donated these devices to their rescue squads!

Tootsie said...

This is so wonderful! And we didn't know about these masks. Thank you so much for sharing this important information.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! My brother is a firefighter in Toronto, I will ask if he's ever heard of these. Great job, guys!!

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