Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dachshund UN Back in Australia

After a brief stint in the UK, Dachshund UN, Australian artist Bennett Miller's traveling art installation, has returned to Australia, appearing in Sydney over the weekend.  Excerpt from MSN:

It was puppy power en masse when the Dachshund United Nations met in Sydney yesterday. The sausage dog diplomacy took place in a wood-panel amphitheater created by artist Bennett Miller to resemble the UN's New York auditorium. Instead of dozing humans, there were dozens of dachshunds having their say on important matters, while their owners looked on approvingly. Many of the serious players sported doggie jackets on account of the bad weather, but courageously pushed on with their vital work regardless. We're happy to say there were no reported "motions" left on the seats after the assembly wrapped up for the day.

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BertieBritain said...

A few words from my London headquarters...
Life has been pretty comfortable this Christmas, plenty of Turkey falling of plates, and then, will you believe it, pigs in blankets for super....yummie yummie yummie in my little tummie...
To all my daschund friends around the world I wish you a very happy new year...may it be full of good cheer and happy plates of FOOD!!!

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