Friday, July 22, 2011

Fascinating X-ray Video Reveals How Dachshunds Move

The video starts off with a Pyrenean Shepherd, but quickly goes to a side and rear view of our favorite canine, The Dachshund.  Is he not neutered?  Via the New Scientist:

From Great Danes to dachshunds, dogs can have radically different body types. But now X-ray video is revealing striking similarities between the way different breeds move.
Martin Fischer and colleagues at Jena University in Germany used high-speed X-ray cameras to film hundreds of dogs representing 32 different breeds. Then they compared the footage with 3D motion-capture data to create a precise profile of how each breed walks, trots, and runs.
The team found that during most movements, a dog's shoulder joints stay still. Their forelimbs rotate around the shoulder blade which is connected to the rest of the skeleton by muscles. Thanks to the X-ray view, they also found that the shoulder blade and forearm move in sync, as do the thigh and foot. Therefore if the shoulder blade is parallel to the ground, the forearm is too.
For more X-ray footage of dogs, check out this clip of a dog taking a drink.

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Keren Hening said...

"That's why a dachshund walks like Popeye - all that shoulder muscle and those adorable little legs! Hubba, Hubba!"

"Auntie Keren - get a GWIP! I'z gotz friends on dis message board, ya know."

"Err, sorry, Guinness."

Lindsey said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Haley said...


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