Monday, January 31, 2011

Sing, Sing A Song

Santa Maria, California natives 'Gretta,' and her human Genete Bowen auditioned last night in Atlanta, Georgia for Season 6 of the popular television show America's Got Talent.  While we haven't heard the outcome of if they will make it on the show, they got a private audition, which is reserved for acts that the show producers think they will like.  They perform big band and swing songs.  Hope to see this unlikely duo on Season 6!  Read all about them at the Santa Maria Times.

Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear - Just sing, sing a song. 


Jablana said...

we would sure like to hear them:D

Anonymous said...

hope I get to hear them sing :)

Jablana said...

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee get a link posted!:D
oh... and Leia sends kisses to Joey!;)

Gretta Grams said...

Hello there Doxie lovers,

I was searching the web recently & found your blog & our story posted here. I LOVE your site devoted to Dachsaholics! :)

I am the proud mommy of 4 weenies, one of which IS Gretta the Singin', Swingin' Doxie!!

Though we did not make it on America's Got Talent since we've learned TV shows are not always as they seem, we are still VERY busy with our singing telegrams, speaking, & working to raise funds for animals.

If there is a song in your heart, go to our website for further details at: & get more information.

Gretta & I sing/speak for those that have NO voice...the animals!!

All our best to you,

Gretta Grams...aka
Genete & GRETTA

Gretta Grams said...

Our website is & we will be posting a vocal link there soon! Check us out. :)

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