Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Save Spork!

These are some of the faces of the many dogs who have stepped up to support 'Spork' on his facebook page:  Save Spork!  Clearly, Spork could not ask for a better contingent of allies.  Read about Spork in the post immediately below this. 
Above, while 'Wheeze' gives her unbridled support of Spork, she apparently wants to remind folks of their priorities at home.

Duchess & Lady have "Saddled up" in support of Saving Spork!

This red smooth named 'Cinnamon' is spitting mad about the whole affair, but really isn't helping the cause much by displaying her emotions in such an unladylike manner. 

Don't mess with Dachshund.  [this can only be Doxieone's 'Teddy.']

Spork, himself, shows that he can have a sense of humor at home.  But deep down he knows that his ordeal is a very serious matter.


Anonymous said...

love and kisses to spork and his family.

Ashley said...

I heart Spork! All of us over at the dapper dachshund ( all support him!!

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