Friday, February 12, 2010

A Doxie Snow Day From North Texas

Thanks so much to David B for sending in some action shots of his crew, 'Polamalu' and 'Harley,' enjoying some unusual snowfall in Dallas-Fort Worth!  He writes:

Hi there Joey and Maggie!

Here is 12-month-old Polamalu and his rescued 11-month-old half doxie/beagle mix sister Harley enjoying a very rare massive snow fall (8 in) in DFW Texas! They are both avid readers of The Long and Short of it All and we wanted to share their day with y'all. Enjoy!

(click any photo to enlarge and admire)


Anonymous said...

You both are so cute, love these pictures. 8 inches of snow you say? At least you guys can run through it. We live in Quebec and usually its more like 4 feet after a heavy snowfall. Mama has to keep the deck shoveled so we can go out potty because the show is way to high for us, we would get stuck and lost in it. PS: you might need a sweater to keep your belly warm, Tee-hee-hee from Sass the Bold, LollyPop Wiggle-Butt and Shilo Baby Bean and well OK so theres the siamise cat too, his name is Big Baby. (Shhhh!! Don't tell other dachies but he and us play tag together) Some hunters we are huh, oh the shame of being friends with a cat, but he does keep us warm when we curl up next to him, he has lots of fur, we don't have any as we are short hairs like you.

Linda and the critters said...

Looks like it was special fun for these two to romp in the snow. Thank you for the photos.

Anni said...

Wow! Enjoy the snow! My Iori enjoys it everyday.

Don't get cold Polamalu and Harley!

We wish you a happy snow days!

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