Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dachshunds Feeling The Economic Crunch

Jobless claims have jumped to a 16-year high, the housing market is a disaster, and the Dow closed under 8,000 yesterday for the first time since March, 2003. What does this mean for dachshunds? We're losing our families and homes at record rates. It used to be, you would go to a rescue shelter, and hardly ever find a purebred dog, but now the shelters are loaded with breeds of all shapes and sizes. Our dedicated dachshund rescue groups are busting at the seams with dogs coming in, and some simply can't take any more, as all of the foster homes are full, and cash for veterinary care is a limited commodity.
The American-Statesman out of Austin, Texas, took a look at the trend, including the above interview with Chris Holm, treasurer of Central Texas Dachshund Rescue. Here's an excerpt from the print article:

'Suzanna' and her puppy 'Nikki' had more than 100 cactus needles covering their bodies when they were rescued. The two long-haired dachshunds were abandoned in the country for hours before a couple driving by saw them from the road. The dogs had done nothing wrong; there just wasn't enough money for their family to care for them.

Suzanna, who was left in the country after a nearby shelter told her owners that it was at capacity, has suffered, said Margie McKinley, who adopted the black-and-gray 3-year-old. The puppy, Nikki, was adopted soon after she was rescued.
Suzanna's "very clingy to me because she's afraid someone else is going to take her," McKinley said.

Read more at the American-Statesman. What can you do? Get involved with dachshund rescue: donate, transport, adopt, foster. Help is needed.


Anonymous said...

[...Dachshunds are feeling the economic crunch...]

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing about this for greyhounds, too. We have four rescues. Now we donate to rescue organizations to help. Wish we had room for a hundred doxies!

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