Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Key West Dachshund Walk 2012

It must be the beginning of a New Year, because as sure as that big ball dropped in New York City (ball...did someone say BALL?!), Dachshunds converged in Key West, Florida, on Monday for the 8th Annual Key West Dachshund Walk. This year's event attracted about 200 long, short, and agile canines, and about 30 impostors!  
Video by:  KeysHomeShow

'Sadie' sure was festive


Can you spot the impostors?  

Photos by: AP Photo/Florida Keys News Bureau.


Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

Too bad our walking group couldn't have come from Seattle to meet you guys. We would have added about 100 Dachshunds :)

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the Disney film "The Ugly Dachshund?" The titular "ugly dachshund" was a great dane!

Anonymous said...

Love ALL your posts - old and new!

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