Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DRNA To Take 100 Dachshunds From WV Puppy Mill Raid

Among the many rescue organizations who will be helping, representatives from Dachshund Rescue of North America will be in Parkersburg, West Virginia, today to take possession of at least 100 of the dachshunds rescued in the puppy mill bust at Whispering Oaks Kennel. Excerpt from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "It's sad, it's very sad," said Dora Show, Pennsylvania's lead DRNA representative. "Puppies from mills are not very socialized because they've not had much human contact. They're snappy, they're not friendly, they're scared to death of everything."
Ms. Show drove a rented, air-conditioned cargo van from Markleysburg, Fayette County, to Parkersburg last night, where she met Jill Blasdel-Cortus, president of the DNRA, from Greensburg, Indiana. Together, the two women hoped to take more than 100 of the dachshunds from the American Humane Society warehouse where they're being kept.

Read all about it the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


DoxieMom said...

Thanks so much for keeping us all informed about this, and the great links to the articles and photos. It's heartbreaking to see and read about but I'm glad it is getting publicity. One puppy mill down... many more to go... but we'll get them all somehow, someday.

Cindy Brady said...

How can I find out how to adopt one or more of these dogs? We have had Dachsunds all our lives and would love to add to our family? Can you give me some contact info?

Joey and Maggie said...

Hey thanks(!) doxiemom. This is such a tough situation.

Joey and Maggie said...

It's probably going to take some time to get these dogs ready for adoption; foster homes are probably needed right now more than anything, but check with HSUS, All American Dachshund Rescue, or DRNA (among many organizations). There are so many dogs to care for at this point, there are probably some available for a quicker adoption.

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