Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dachshund Digs Up Wallet Lost for 60 Years

Meet 9-year-old red smooth 'Bagon,' and his human Betty Burgess, who hail from Herrin, Illinois. Bagon, who loves to dig for worms, floored his family on Saturday by digging up a family wallet which had been lost for some 60 years! Good boy Bagon! The wallet had several intact items including a family member's Social Security card, a coal miner's card, a 1949 calendar, Betty Crocker coupons, newspaper clippings and two rings in the change purse. Read all about it the Southern Illinoisan.

Slightly related: UK wirehair 'Daisy' digs up mammoth dinosaur bone: Look What the Dachshund Dug Up

PS: Did someone say bacon? We could've sworn we heard the word bacon. Ahhh...BACON.

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