Monday, December 10, 2012

Rolling Doxie on a Mission to Benefit Dodgerslist

Wouldn't this little Dachshund sculpture brighten the life of someone you know this holiday season?  It's truly one-of-a-kind, and not only is it beautiful, 100% of the proceeds of its sale will benefit Dodgerslist, your Dachshund IVDD resource!  Thanks to our friend Grace Liesa, who sculpted this fine piece for writing in about it.  You may remember that Grace sent us an equally beautiful piece a few years ago of Joey and Maggie.  That piece still has a prime spot on our mantel, we admire it every single day.  From the etsy listing:

I created this sculpture to benefit Dodgerslist; 100% of proceeds from this sale will go to this group to help with all the wonderful work that they do as a volunteer-based team. The red doxie in this piece is so full of life; rolling happily on wheels chasing a squirrel and lizard, and waiting for someone to throw tennis balls and play catch! Hand sculpted, painted, and detailed from premium quality clay; all of my creations go through multiple steps of hardening, and finished with several layers of water based coat. You'll be amazed at every little detail.... It is a product of an intensive labor of love. This heirloom quality piece can also be easily dusted with a clean, damp cloth.

Remember that a disabled dog is not aware of their limitations; they just continue to live their lives as any normal dog would. It is our responsibility to give them a life full of quality, fun, and love. IVDD is not a death sentence, it's just a bump on the road. With proper care and nutrition, a 'down' dog can live through their life expectancy just as a normal dog would. It's never too early to learn about IVDD. Go to for a wealth of information, referrals, support, and success stories.

We've got a feeling that this piece won't last long, especially at just a $79 donation.  Head on over to etsy when you can. 

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