Friday, March 23, 2012

Simon Cowell Likens Co-Star's Relationship to Family Dachshund

David Walliams, (right), a British comedian, writer, and actor, is joining Simon Cowell (left), as a judge on the 6th season of Britain's Got Talent this year.  The bromance they've developed is apparently causing some jealousy issues with Williams' wife, model Lara Stone.  Via What's On TV:

David said: "Lara is jealous because every time I come back from work I'm 'Oh, guess what Simon did today'."
David joked he had started calling his wife "Simon" in bed, adding: "The first few times she didn't mind, but then wearing the mask...".
But Simon said the relationship was more like the one he used to have with his parent's pet dog.
He said: "My mum and dad used to have a Dachshund dog and as it got a bit older it used to get on my leg occasionally and hump my leg... that kind of is our relationship".

Well... we never!

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Anonymous said...

It's actually "Walliams."

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