Monday, March 26, 2012

Awesome Underwater Diving Dachshund and Dog Photography by Seth Casteel

Thanks to our friend 'Oscar' from Portugal for sending in the photo, and also our friend 'Guinness' from Israel (who turns 17 on Tuesday!) for sending in a link to an article on Dogster about the photographer!    Guinness also notes:  Oh, and yes, he grew up with - what else? - a miniature dachshund named Duchess who lived to be 17!  Here's an excerpt:

The marketing of homeless pets actually plays an important role in saving them.
One day at the shelter, I met someone who said, "Can I hire you to photograph my dog?" I thought: You mean, for pay? Well ... okay. One of the pictures from that shoot ended up on a magazine and started getting attention.
I've always loved animals. I grew up with a miniature dachshund named Duchess who lived to be seventeen. I've always loved animals, but it didn't occur to me until that moment that I could make a career out of this. It hasn't always been easy. You have to hustle. And the economy hasn't helped.
How did you get the idea to take pictures of dogs underwater?
It seems to me that water gives dogs the opportunity to explore their wild instincts. That's why it's so exciting for them and so much fun for them to be under the water, even if they've never been near the water before. This shines through in the photographs. You can see in the pictures that these very expressive moments are happening to the dogs underwater: moments which can be very silly or very focused or even very terrifying. I think that's what the deal is with the water.

Read more of this article at Dogster, and keep up with Seth at his official website. 


Anonymous said...

what a guy...enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

These are incredible pics, and such an ingenuious idea. Thanks for sharing!

Melinda in McLean

Anne said...

LOVE!!!!! and especially love hearing long living makes me smile with my 10 and 13 year old babes!
-Annie Em

Anonymous said...

I think he looks petrified poor little pup. Look at how frightened his eyes are. I don't think that is fun for him. If it scares them don't do it just to get an "expression".
Its more cruel than fun.

Amy said...

I would love a shot like this of my water loving guy!

Anonymous said...

This little diver is my baby Rhoda, and she LOVES the water. Anonymous, the only bad feelings she ever has about the pool is when I tell her it's time to get out! A funny story: the vet suggested I try to get her to swim for back therapy when she was a wee pup. I was skeptical, and, at first, so was she. But she loves her ball so much that fetch in the water became her favorite pasttime. One time, a chewed up ball sank a little, and she stuck her head under the water. Over time, that has evolved into her diving to the bottom of the pool (shallow end). In fact,the first thing she does wne we go outside is jump in the pool and start barking for company! There are some really awesome shots on Seth's website. Gary R

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