Monday, February 6, 2012

Viral Dachshund Videos: Dogs Crooked Nose

This will kick start your week with a smile.  Try not to laugh.  Go ahead....just try.  By youtuber bamfandearl who notes:  we discovered if we scratch my dog obi's snout a certain way his nose goes crooked.


Anonymous said...

Thats too funny!!! loved it.

Anonymous said...

so cute! Baron gave this cute dachsie 5 WOOFs!

review said...


Jablana said...

we have the same, but our nose goes croocked if i scratch Lea behind the ear XD

Decor To Adore said...

Our family has just discovered your wonderful blog. We are the proud owners of Rudi, a miniature smooth coat red.
We adopted Rudi from a shelter 7 years ago and he is truly a wonderful boy.
Readers of my blog enjoy Rudi themed posts. This one was a fan favorite:

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