Friday, May 3, 2013

You're A Wiener

Well, this is a pretty fantastic card for the graduates in your lives.  Thanks so much to the fabulous 'Tootsie' for writing in from the always fabulous Bicontinental Dachshund:

Dear Bette and Rowdy,
Has anyone told you how fetching you two look together? Your whole schnaa is wotten waven. Thank you for carrying on Maggie's and Joey's grand traditions and for all you do for the down low.
I was browsing "Life is Good" for a doggy bowl, and found this long dachshund note card!
Of course I thought of you! It's the perfect card for all the grads we know!
Keep on wagging,

1 comment:

Tootsie said...

Dear Bette & Rowdy,

Thank you so much for sharing the card for all the grads we know! And thanks for the very sweet words.

You all are wonderful.


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