Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rudy Waits at the Rainbow Bridge

It's with a heavy heart that we report the passing of 'Rudy,' the Colorado Springs, Colorado red smooth dachshund whose story we highlighted last November on how to best take care of senior dogs. Rudy recently celebrated his 18th birthday with french fries at Sonic restaurant. Excerpt from The Gazette: His owners, Sue and Terry Darby, with their veterinarians at Cheyenne Mountain Animal Hospital and Veterinary Specialty Center, had lovingly and realistically worked to give him a comfortable life as he battled kidney problems, diminished eyesight and other geriatric problems. In people years, they estimated he was about 88.
"We promised that when the quality of his life was no longer good that we would let him go. And so we have. His heart was still strong, but his little body had deteriorated so much that with the loss of the use of one of his back legs, he just didn't have a lot of fight left in him. Our hearts are broken now, but we know that soon we will enjoy memories of what a wonderful life he had and how much joy he brought to us."
Read more at The Gazette. Our hearts go out to Rudy's family and friends.

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Keren Hening said...

The Tin Woodsman said, "Now I know I have a heart - because it's breaking." Rest in peace, Rudy.

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