Thursday, February 26, 2009

News From the Motherland

Is the grand age of 73 too old to adopt a shelter dog? Apparently it is in Bonn, Germany. Meet 73-year-old Lilo Weisser, and her new companion, 5-year-old 'Maja.' Mrs. Weisser recently lost her dachshund named 'Dorle,' and was looking for a new friend. She didn't want a puppy, but she had heard that it was hard for elderly people to adopt from the local shelter. Sure enough, even after a family friend said they would take the dog if anything happened to Mrs. Weisser, she was told that she was too old to adopt. This is a woman who still drives, and walks for an hour every day.
So, she contacted the breeder where she got Dorle, and was given a chance with beautiful Maja. The dynamic duo are said to be getting along well after a week, and enjoy 3 twenty-minute walks around the block and a longer walk through the woods every day. Read more at the translated General-Anzeiger.

Note: Some of the accuracy of this post may have been lost in translation.

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